Great story-telling is not just the words, but how it’s told. The pauses, the impish glances -the nods and knowing smiles - the little giggle before the punchline and the broad smile that waits for a reaction. It could be you, your mom, grandpa, great-uncle, or a beloved friend speaking. Whoever it is, their life is a story worthy of being told. Let’s tell it.


– essentially, it’s the embodiment of choices made, paths taken, and experience lived that define you.


A Family Legacy Life Story Film is a way to reflect on life and share unique experiences, observations, beliefs, and feelings as gems of wisdom for those closest to the heart. Sometimes called memoirs, Ethical Wills, or personal histories, these special films are a love letter to family and friends. The most meaningful gifts we leave our loved ones come from our heart. Your family and friends will benefit from your insights and wisdom. With your story, they are able to forge a connection to their past and a better understanding of who they are. Your real life experiences will help guide them along their life journeys. This process is not only about your loved ones. It’s also about you. Sharing your unique experiences, life lessons, and wisdom can help you find purpose in your own life, while also providing a touchstone for future generations.

Legacy Life Story Videos

Gary's 65th Birthday

This was a surprise 65th Birthday film that included all the family history. It was played as a surprise on a large screen at his party. Everyone loved it!!!  Note: the original film was 50 minutes in length. This is  a highlight of his full Legacy Life Story film.

A Legacy Life Story Film Celebrating Two In One

“Aren’t you going to introduce yourself?” A pick up line that made a lasting impression on 19 year old Pat O’Hear from Phil Norton a fateful day on a Cape Cod beach. Phil & Pat recently celebrated their birthdays, honoring not only their lives apart, but also together. Their personal stories about how they met, fell in love, and became one, were a joy for the Suburban team to capture as a Legacy Life Story Video. The film was a surprise gift given by their children and was played on a large screen at the party.

World War II Hero: Paul Roberts Legacy Legacy Life Story Video

Paul received the French Legion of honour medal for his secret code work during the war in france. Paul was honored for his heroic service during World War II.

100th Birthday Celebration

This Legacy Life Story Film was created for a client who was hosting a party for her beloved father. Using photos from throughout his life and live interviews of his family and friends, you really get a sense of what an amazing man he was. We filmed interviews not only locally, but also nation-wide. The video was shown at the birthday celebration and was a major hit with all of the guests.

Happy 80th Birthday Howard - Photo Montage

Howard's children supplied us with great historical photos that helped us tell the story of his amazing life. We also included his favorite music to create this equally amazing photo montage. He was so surprised!

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Phyliss & Charles “A Life Well Lived”
After serving in the Navy during World War II, Chuck met Phyl at a Sadie Hawkin’s Dance where he was the prize and she was the real winner! This film documents how they met and fell in love. 

Corporate Legacy Life Story Videos

Corporate Legacy Life Story Videos are another great way to celebrate major milestones that your company has reached, as a fundraising piece, or to celebrate an honoree.

Suburban Hospital Movie Tone News Reel

Suburban Hospital needed a short historical film that touched on some of the hospital’s milestone achievements since it was founded during World War II. The video celebrates how far Suburban Hospital has come since it’s humble beginnings. It was shown at their annual fundraising event.

Rossmoor Leisure World Builder Ross Cortese

This Legacy Life Story film is about a great community builder: Ross Cortese. He designed and built communities all over the country. Rossmoor Leisure World in New Jersey celebrated their 50th anniversary and commissioned us to produce a corporate legacy life story video that included interviews of people who lived and worked there over the years. Together with old photos and film clips, this five minute film chronicles the life and times of Leisure World’s creator.

Plumbers Local 5 125th Anniversary Legacy Life Story Film

Suburban created this film narrated by John Riggins. It tells the story of the Local 5 over the past 125 years. It was the cornerstone of their 2000 person celebration and played on our huge video screens. Guests loved it.

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BBYO Honors Estee and Elliott Portnoy with the Kol Echad Award

We were asked to create a Legacy Life Story Video to be played during the award ceremony. We interviewed Estee and Elliott's closest friends, family, and coworkers about what makes them deserving of the Kol Echad Award. Legacy Life Story Films are a great way to honor an awardee, guest of honor, or the subject of a roast.

Sandi Hoffman Legacy Life Story Video
One of Washington's Premiere Party Planner wrote a gorgeous illustrated book, My Love of Affairs, about her favorite events, decor and stories. Suburban created a highlight film for this monumental achievement at her book signing.
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Engaging Affairs 20th Anniversary

We were asked to create a Legacy Life Story Video for a great local event planner celebrating her 20th year in business. We filmed her best friends and colleagues and included historical photos. The film was played at the celebration on our large screen as a surprise. Everyone loved it.

Executive Legacy Life Story Videos

Suburban Video’s Executive Legacy Life Story Video Profiles are high-quality, thoroughly researched impeccably executed productions that tells the story behind the leader.

The modern consumer, employee, and investor wants to know the people with whom they are involved. Look no further than the explosion of social media over the last decade to see that our thirst to know the behind-the-scenes stories of people is insatiable. Give them another reason to trust you. When your Executive Profile is complete, you will have an invaluable asset that effectively communicates your personal and professional story.

We produce Executive Profiles that communicate your past, present, and future. The profile can be crafted to be exactly appropriate for your website. Perhaps you do speaking engagements or quarterly calls and need a powerful icebreaker. There are no limits to the applications of a professional, elegant, and intentional production that puts a personality behind a person.

Telling your story can include many elements, but the centerpiece is an interview with you. We may also interview your peers, mentors, teachers, family, pastor, customers, or anyone else that can contribute to your story. We use archival newspapers, television broadcasts, location filming, family photos, yearbooks, awards, and other assets to create a real documentary film.

What is an Ethical Will?

Ethical Wills were first used thousands of years ago as an oral history to pass ethical values from one generation to the next through story-telling.  They were shared long after the subject had passed. Ethical Wills are regaining popularity today because of the ease and security afforded by video technology.

An Ethical Will shares your values, faith, beliefs, life lessons, wisdom, love, gratitude, forgiveness, explanations, thoughts, wishes, and hopes. The goal of creating an Ethical Will is to link a person to both their family and cultural history, clarify their ethical and spiritual values, and communicate a legacy to future generations.

Creating an Ethical Will clarifies identity and focuses life purpose. It addresses the need to belong, to be known, to be remembered, to have one’s life make a difference, to bless and be blessed. Just as your Last Will and Testament addresses your tangible, financial assets, an Ethical Will addresses your non-tangible, from-the-heart assets. It bequeaths values rather than valuables.

“The Right Time Myth”

Any time is a good time, but don’t wait! Here are some common motivators or life events that may prompt you to share experiences, life lessons, and wisdom with your loved ones:

To mark life milestones

To celebrate the lives of our parents and grandparents

As we embark upon significant life transitions

To celebrate our children’s life events and special milestones

To share our family heritage, customs, and traditions

To gain insights into life lived so far

Following the diagnosis of a terminal illness

One of the unique benefits of Family Legacy Life Story Videos is that you can choose to make one film around a particular topic or create a whole series.

Legacy Life Story Videos CAN BE USED IN MANY WAYS

Personal Legacy Life Story Video

Family Legacy Life Story Video

Video for Marketing campaigns

Social Media Advertising video

Public Relations Video

Government Videos

Legacy Life Story-Memorial Videos

Live Streaming Videos

Wedding Videos

Anniversary & Birthday Videos

Mitzvah Videos

Ethical Will Video

Executive Legacy Life Story Video Profiles

Clips to use on social media

Introduce an honoree to a celebration


All our Legacy Life Story Video clients tell us they were surprised at how much fun they had reminiscing while making this film. We provide all the guidance and steps needed to make your legacy known! Please contact us today to schedule your free consultation and begin the process of creating a treasured record of YOUR Legacy!