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DisposeRx, Inc. hired Suburban Video to make a social media explainer video about how their product works in a typical home environment. We created a script then filmed all b-roll and added a professional voice over track. This video is currently on their website helping spread the word about
Life saving product.

Creating a successful YouTube video isn’t easy. Suburban can create a video that viewers love. We have mastered the skills that will make your Youtube video produce results for your company. 

This is why you should hire us to produce an effective YouTube Video:

YouTube has more than 30 million daily visitors. Nearly 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute, with more than 2,400 channels that reach in excess of 1 million subscribers. The platform was purchased by Google in 2016 and currently ranks No. 2 for global and domestic web traffic, according to Alexa.

Suburban will produce algorithm-friendly content that attract viewers and keep them watching. We will research your business and come up with a few creative outlines to choose from. Then we get to work creating the script scouting locations and acquiring actors if needed. Our production cinematographers will film great footage. The magic happens in the edit booth with award winning editors will create a Youtube optimized video that will produce results.

Marketing your business is moving toward video over static content, and YouTube is a is the place for your company message. 

Please call our Producer Bill Bowen today about your next project.

Youtube Videos For Business:

Wood Academy Jose Andrea's Fund Raising Teaser Video

This year's auction is food fight themed with a major focus on the Woods' new Science and Food Curriculum. For this promotional piece we filmed Chef Jose Andres working to teach students how to grow their own vegetables.We've created many films for non-profits over the years and have always been told that our films helped motivate contributors to give more than ever before.

Yellow Ribbons United at Redskins Park

Each year we spend the day with the children of our military families and have a great time at Redskins park. This is a sizzle reel designed to help bring in new sponsors for a great cause. This YouTube Video helped get the word out about this charity.

NHTSA Police Safety YouTube Video

Suburban was hired to produce a PSA on officer safety. Working with The National Law Enforcement Memorial fund we filmed in Wheeling West Virginia. This night shoot was challenging and produced a great officer safety film.

Facebook Town Hall Event Highlight

Facebook hired Suburban Video to cover their DC "Town Hall," This dynamic social event featured Facebook officials interacting directly with its customers about new and exciting things that facebook will be offering.

Revolution Event Design and Production

Where can you find baby goats, a tattoo parlor, and grannies, all together? Try the Fandango Productions and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom relaunch event as their newly merged and rebranded event design and production company, Revolution. Revolution Event Design and Production threw a massive relaunch party at their new headquarters in Baltimore. The 100,000-square-foot warehouse was filled with a maze of mini parties, each with their own theme, caterers, and florists from the DMV area. Suburban Video covered this fabulous event and created a 3 minute highlight film to help promote the launch on social media after the event was over.“Tattoos and Tassels” was the party of the year”

MapRX Instagram Social Media Video

Suburban's crew covered the MapRx conference at the Mellon Auditorium DC. We covered the conference and shot great interviews with key members. This video was edited together as an Instagram style social media film used for promotion and Education about Medical Access for Patients RX.

Dispose Rx Explainer Video
DisposeRx, Inc. hired Suburban Video to make a social media explainer video about how their product works in a typical home environment. We created a script then filmed all b-roll and added a professional voice over track. This video is currently on their website helping spread the word about Life saving product.

We’re the video production experts.

Suburban was established in 1985, focusing on client discovery and strategy, scripting  and video production for companies of all sizes. With local and nationwide availability, we can help you no matter where you are. Whether you need a corporate company video, an animated video, or a marketing video for your website or social platforms, we can help you get it done quickly, at an affordable price.


Our simple will get you results

Suburban’s videos play an extremely important role in our marketing efforts; they’re central to the campaigns we use to tell our stories. Besides helping with enrollment and fundraising, the videos have dramatically increased the visibility of our marketing department within the community. Creative Each client is unique. And every video must produce measurable results. We employ our discovery process for each project to understand the goals and objectives for your video. How can we help you move the needle?

Discover + Strategy

We learn about you and your goals then create a video marketing strategy that will be sure to drive results


Once we have a plan in place, our production team will work with you to ensure your story is filmed in a captivating way

Post Production

Our editors piece together your story in a way that connects and engages your audience. Typical turnaround time is about two weeks


We aren't happy until you're happy. We will work diligently to make sure you are satisfied with the final product


Full pre production, production and post production support

Video production services with experienced and creative editors and video crews

Multi-camera on location shoots

Teleprompter services for long scripts and Closed Captioning

Video editing

Location scouting, hiring actors, erecting set

Professional voiceover

Logos, titles and illustrative graphics

Encoding final videos into web ready format

Green Screen Technology

Multiple final offerings for video- social media,You-Tube, add to website

Professional Photography

Adding illustrative photos, logos and music to tie the message together

Help you deliver your film in a dynamic, effective way

Sound and lighting design

Expert video editing and scriptwriting that keeps your audience’s attention

Full Audio/Visual Capabilities to enhance videos viewed in groups

Live Streaming for groups to “attend” a seminar or presentation

Digitizing your multimedia items such as pictures, 8mm film, video, slides

Many more offerings and professional services available

Over 35 years of creative experience

Throughout the years, we have worked with top-level executives and VIPs. We handle ourselves in a professional manner from the way we dress to the way in which we respectfully speak to our clients. We are always on-time and there are never complications.

If you have a full project coming up or are in need of a video crew in the Washington DC area, we would like to work with you.