The Suburban Video team worked very closely with Vik and Ritu on creating a Love Story film that captured how they felt about each other. With only a few days until their wedding, we got right to work. On a gorgeous evening in September, we all met up at the Montgomery County Fair to film Vik and Ritu on a “date.”


The next day we interviewed Vik and Ritu about how they met, as the beautiful green hills of Sugarloaf mountain rolled on behind them. That weekend, the film debuted at the Mayflower hotel in Washington, D.C. on a professional projection screen we provided for the wedding reception.


It concluded with Vik and Ritu’s first official introduction as husband and wife. Many still wiping away tears, all 400+ guests rose for a full-fledged standing ovation. It’s a moment that will live on forever for Vik and Ritu, a moment that truly showcased the power of their Love Story.

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